Setting the scene…

Learning and Teaching Development has invested in 20 iPad2 tablets in order to promote student engagement in learning spaces. The overall aim of the iPad project is to provide opportunities for academic staff to be creative and innovative in the delivery of group work activities with students in the classroom. Members of LTD team will provide iPad2 tablets, training and support to the academic staff members wishing to participate.

Evidence suggests that iPad technology provides hands-on interaction and with it a wide range of potential benefits that can be utilised in learning environment. Our project will focus on exploring the benefits of using iPads in group work activities in particular. In this setting their application can be particularly beneficial for:

  • Collaborative learning
  • Active learning
  • Situated learning
  • Access to visual materials
  • Synchronous activities

As a result of this project, we aim to produce a range of resources and applications as well as sharing good practice in the use of the device in teaching, learning and assessment. As we would like to collate and disseminate good practices, the project participants may be asked to complete an evaluative report and be prepared to participate in the Learning and Teaching Lunchtime Forums.

We intend to use this blog to document our findings, thoughts and reflections on both the technical and pedagogical aspects of the project.

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