Connecting an iPad to a projector

One of the ways in which academic staff can use iPads in the classroom is by connecting it to a projector. This is useful if you wish to demonstrate or present resources from an iPad such as PowerPoint presentations, Prezis, annotated documents or specialist applications, etc.

To connect an iPad to a projector in a YSJ teaching room you will require a VGA cable and an Apple VGA adapter.  Most YSJ classrooms are equipped with either a standard VGA cable or a VGA plug on the control panel so there are two ways in which you can connect:


Option 1 – If there  is a VGA cable already in the room you will need the Apple VGA adapter to display the iPad screen.

Option 2 - If you are in a classroom where there is a VGA plug on the control panel, you will need both, a VGA cable and an Apple VGA adapter.

How do I connect the audio? You need a separate 3.5mm jack male to male cable to share the audio from your iPad  (like those on your standard headphones). One end should be connected to control panel and the other to the headphone port of the iPad.

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