Guided Access

An exciting new feature of iOS 6 is Guided Access. It allows you to keep an iPad focussed on a single application and control the features that are available. It enables you to disable the home button and restrict access to certain parts of the screen.

This is a valuable feature for tutors. It will help prevent students from becoming distracted (by other apps or access to the internet) and to stay focused on the content and task at hand.

How to turn on Guided Access

To turn on Guided Access follow these simple instructions.

1. Open the Settings application on your iPad and select General from the menu.

2. Scroll down and select Accessibility. Under the heading Learning you will see Guided Access.

3. Click Guided Access and turn it on.

4. Set a passcode – this will be used when Guided Access is enabled.

5. Open the application you wish to use.

6. Click the home button three times. This will allow you to configure the settings for Guided Access.

7. Click the Start button to enable Guided Access. The following message will appear: Guided Access has started.

8. To turn Guided Access off, click the home button three times and enter the passcode.

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