Student feedback on the pilot projects

We’ve now carried out a couple of pilot iPad sessions and are in the process of collating student feedback. Student responses so far have an overwhelmingly positive attitude. It really feels that using tablets for class activities, in some cases instead of the computer in the library, definitely enhances their learning. In addition to informal feedback after the sessions, we have set up an on-line evaluation survey which gets distributed to the students via their tutors.  So far, we have received 33 responses with very positive feedback! Here are some of the quotes from  the students:

  • “Really useful to be able to talk with others and each have the capacity to search the internet on the individual iPads. It’s a nightmare trying to find a free computer for group work and then trying to all squeeze round it.”
  • “Excellent all classes should have them. It is interactive learning visual and shows examples so assisting learning, this is very useful for dyslexia students like myself.”
  • “Found I could easily find specific areas I wanted to explore, to get direct feedback was also really helpful, makes learning more diverse and interesting as its interactive.”
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