TEPE Conference paper accepted

The iPad project has had two pieces of good news this week. Firstly, myself and two tutors from Initial Teacher Education Anita Backhouse and Ian Wilson have had a research paper accepted for the annual International TEPE (Teacher Education Policy in Europe) conference in Helsinki.

“The Teacher Education Policy in Europe (TEPE) is an academic network that builds on the work and community from the previous European collaborative projects in the field of teacher education policy such TNTEE and EUDORA. The annual conference brings together educational researchers, policy makers, teachers and practitioners from Europe and beyond.

The theme of the 2013 TEPE Conference is Learning Spaces with Technology in Teaching and Teacher Education.” [1]

Our paper titled ‘’Enhancing the formative assessment environment through the use of mobile technologies” looks at the work being done with the second year ITE students. It focusses on two key research questions:

  1. Can mobile technologies support the development of effective assessment and feedback?
  2. Can these assessment and feedback skills developed in a supported environment impact on students’ reflections on their own classroom practice?

We our currently in the process of writing up the findings and we will make it available on the blog once complete.

Finally, as you can see from the image in the right hand side of the blog we were successfully selected to appear on the list of Tremendous Thesis and Dissertation Resources on Online PhD Program website.

[1] Teacher Education Policy in Europe Conference (2013) [Internet], Available from: http://blogs.helsinki.fi/tepe-2013/ Accessed [9 April, 2013].

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