App of the Week: Prezi

What is it? Prezi  is a presentation creation app which allows you to create visual presentations online. What does it do? This app allows you to create, edit and share your prezis (providing there is internet connection). It is a lot more interactive and visual compared to PowerPoint Presentation which gives it a professional appearance. […]

App of the Week iThoughts HD

What is it? This app is a mind- mapping tool for iPads. What does it do? Mind mapping allows you to organise ideas, thoughts and information in a sequential and visual way which could help many people in their studies. This app allows you to create task lists, brainstorm sketches, project plans, goal set notes, WBS, record course notes/ […]

App of the Week: CloudOn

What is it? As stated on the official website, CloudOn brings Microsoft Office(R) to your favourite device What does it do? CloudOn allows you to use Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint on your tablet to create, review and edit files. The app provides access to the files that are already stored in the online file-storage […]