Project Team

Daniel Mackley – Technology Enhanced Learning Advisor

Daniel’s role at York St John University is to identify staff learning needs and strategically design, deliver and evaluate development interventions related to the effective use of current and emerging Technology Enhanced Learning tools in Higher Education. Daniel is the lead for the iPad project and is responsible for the management and deployment of the devices. He also on hand to support staff and students when the iPads are being used in the classroom.

Emma Beresford – Learning and Teaching Development Co-ordinator

Emma Beresford Emma develops and coordinate learning and teaching projects and events aimed to enhance pedagogic practice. As part of the iPad project team, she supports staff and students with using iPads to enhance their learning and teaching. Emma also manages the ‘Students as Researchers’ scheme which provides opportunities for students to work as research assistants, to help develop learners into co-creators, enhance research skills and encourage postgraduate study. She is also involved in project marketing and evaluation and works closely with the Student Officer on student engagement initiatives.

Arielle Redman – Student Officer

Arielle RedmanArielle works closely with Emma to promote student research throughout the University, with a particular emphasis on undergraduate research. Arielle is also a member of the iPad project team and is responsible for delivering training and providing support to staff and students both inside and outside of the classroom. Furthermore, she aids the team in the organisation and administration of Learning and Teaching events, including designing the department’s official publications.

Caroline Cuthbertson – Student Research Assistant

CarolineCaroline contributed to the iPad project throughout her first year studying Business & Human Resource Management at York St John. When she heard of the opportunity to become a student researcher she knew it would be an amazing experience; she would recommend this opportunity to any first year student. Caroline learned first-hand that research is a fun and exciting way to learn; it is also very important for university and life in general.

Holly Guest – Student Research Assistant

HollyHolly contributed to the blog during her second year as a Business Management student, while working as a student research assistant on the ‘iPads for flexible learning’ project. She was really excited to be working on this project, exploring the use of technology in education and discovering new applications for learning. This has not only helped her learning, but it has also be beneficial for other students in the university.

Lena Henderson – Learning and Teaching Development Co-ordinator

Prior to going on maternity leave, Lena played a pivotol role in the iPad project. She provided staff with pedagogic advice, guidance and support on the use of iPads in learning and teaching practices. Her responsibility was to liaise with staff to ensure they used iPads in pedagogically innovative and appropriate ways.


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