Useful tips for preparing for an interview

As the academic year for a lot of Primary Education students is in sight, a lot of people will be looking for jobs. Whether this be for third years who are looking for the start of their new careers or other students looking for a part time job over summer, it’s likely that a lot of people will be going for interviews this summer. For a lot of people their last interviews might seem like a lifetime away, and for others it may not have been that long ago. I have also been going for interviews, albeit for a part time job, and from discussions with may different people I’ve picked up a few tips and bits of advice for preparing for an interview. In this article my aim is to help anyone looking for guidance at interview, and provide some helpful tips for the future.


Number 1: Know your stuff!

First and foremost, when going for an interview your interviewers will be checking to see if you know your stuff. These questions can range from information on the company you may be working for, why you feel you’re the best fit for the job, or even questions like what you believe your best qualities are. Unfortunately there’s no sure fire way to know exactly what you’re going to be asked, so the best way to counter this is; be prepared for anything. It’s better to be over prepared than under!

Number 2: Be confident

Confidence is key when answering questions and discussing topics with your interviewers. If you are unsure when talking, quiet when talking or just shy, this may not come across well. Even if you are a naturally shy person at heart, try to be bold and confident when you talk to get your interviewers attention and show that you’re confident in your responses. I try to go into interviews with a different mindset to my regular approach, in order to try to be more confident as I am not a naturally confident person.

Number 3: Smile!

Smiling is always a good thing, and when you’re at an interview this is no exception. Whilst it’s a simple tip, stress can often make you nervous and this can affect how you come across to interviewers. By making sure you smile, it shows your confidence at the interview and that you are confident in yourself. That being said, try not to there are certain times to smile and certain times to take a more formal, serious approach. Its all about knowing when to smile and when to not.

Number 4: Just tell the truth about yourself.

Possibly one of the biggest tips, don’t lie. It can be so easy when being asked questions to tell a little white lie to make yourself sound better. Unfortunately, it’s highly likely you will be found out. Instead, just tell the truth. Your employers will probably value that more than a lie! From a personal perspective, I feel that, were I an employer, I would rather have an honest worker than someone who had lied on the application to get the job. In some way, lying to an employer will in some way damage you and your career further down the line.

I hope these tips have helped you in some way! Luckily, a lot of the tips here tie in nicely with each other, so if you can do one of the above tips the others should follow. Whether you’re going for a part time job or a future career, me and the rest of the YSJ blog team wish you good luck!

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