Values and dimensions of entrepreneurship in the solidarity economy – a view from Brazil

News: We are delighted that Dr Antonio Cruz, former National Coordinator (Brazil) of the Network of Popular Cooperatives of University Incubators will be speaking at the conference at York St John University, 1-3 Sept 2015

In Latin America and Africa the term social and solidarity economy is used to refer to “organisations that have explicit [...]

Leading thinkers and practitioners in social entrepreneurship add diverse voices to conference

Leading thinkers and practitioners from universities in the field of co-operativism, business through the lense of human rights, enterprise incubators in the solidarity economy and innovation in the public sector will be presenting key notes at the international conference called ‘Universities developing social entrepreneurship through cross-sector collaboration’ 1-3 Sept, 2015 in York, UK. The conference [...]

Mendoza, Argentina: Economic change through academic, professional and political exchange

Article written by Charles Hanks, collaborator of the social economy in higher education project, following a visit to the “Institute of Work and Production” of the National University of Cuyo, Mendoza, Argentina.

“As a public university,” asserts José Perlino, “we have a very important social role.” Indeed, José and his colleagues in the Institute of [...]

Over 700 responses to survey – helping universities respond better to social economy

Thank you to everyone who has completed our survey. So far we have responses from: Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, East Timor, Germany, Guinea Bissau, Ireland, Japan, Kenya, Mexico, Mozambique, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal, San Tome, Spain, United Kingdom! We will be publishing a handbook for higher education worldwide to promote the teaching and practice of the social [...]

Can universities lead the way in social value procurement? Let’s look at Cleveland, Ohio!

Universities can be laboratories for a new kind of economic development

Professor Simon Denny from the University of Northampton, UK, has identified an important role for universities: delivering local economic growth and social inclusion. The University has launched the £1 billion challenge for UK universities to spend £1 billion from their £7 billion spending power [...]

6 ways a university can be a force in the social economy

As well as teaching and researching about social enterprise and cooperatives, it is important that universities explore ways of practicing the social economy. In the case of cooperatives, these lead to sharing of benefits among their members (students and staff) and the development of democratic decision-making and governance. Other forms of social enterprise can lead [...]

‘Junior Cooperativas’ – promoting employability of university students in the Basque Country

Legislation has been passed in 2013 in the Basque Country in Spain allowing students to form workers’ cooperatives called ‘Junior Cooperativas‘. The aim is that these can be a real and practical instrument for students to learn how to manage a cooperative, work with real clients and gain entrepreneurial skills during their courses. The objective [...]

500 responses to social economy survey .. and counting

Thank you to everyone who has completed our survey. So far we have responses from: Argentina, Colombia, East Timor, Guinea Bissau, Ireland, Mexico, Peru, Portugal, San Tome, Spain, United Kingdom!

and they include: cooperatives dedicated to food production, health, education and food retail;

mutual financial associations owned by their members;

informal groups dedicated to [...]

Solidarity economy in Colombia (pt 2) – 74 years of tradition

This is the second in our series of articles researched and written by students of social communication at the Bolivariana Pontificia University, Colombia, in which students research organisations working in the social/solidarity economy in Bucaramanga region of Columbia and write an article about them. This article looks at the Coopanales Cooperative. See previous article here. [...]

Co-operative wins Financial Times ‘Boldness in Business’ Award

Mondragon Corporation, which includes our partner in the Social Economy project, Mondragon University, has won the Financial Times Boldness in Business award for ‘Drivers of Change‘. Mondragon uses democratic methods in its business organisation, the creation of jobs, the human and professional development of its workers and a pledge to development with its social environment. [...]

A community to promote a people-centered economy

We warmly invite you to participate in this blog by posting a comment or sending an email to socialeconomy@yorksj.ac.uk


If you have questions about what the social/solidarity economy is. Do universities in your region offers courses on social entrepreneurship or the social economy? If you work in a social enterprise, a co-operative, a mutual [...]

Social economy – the challenge for Higher Education

Over the recent decades, the social economy sector has acquired greater significance, in terms of economic activity and in social policy planning in EU countries and internationally. Social economy enterprises represent two million enterprises (i.e. 10% of all European businesses) and employ over 11 million paid employees (the equivalent of 6% of the working population [...]