Should I be here?

How Wikipedia defines Presenteeism and what some of the causes of it might be

As is traditional now, it seems, I manage to catch a bit of a head cold not long after starting my Christmas hols; you know that thing where you’ve been working like a dog all Autumn term and as soon as you stop and allow yourself to relax you’re hit with the lurgy. Well, I thought I’d easily get over it by the time I went back to work earlier this week, but no. And now here I am, looking up the causes of Presenteeism and wondering if I’ve a couple of ‘performance based self-esteem’ issues, amongst other things. Just a couple, I expect.

links for 2010-01-14

  • “The next National Stress Awareness Day will be on Wednesday 3rd November 2010.
    Now is the time to start thinking about what you can do to raise awareness in your company, organisation, department and yourself, or if you are a Stress Management Practitioner; what can you do to raise Stress Awareness in your customers, clients, your local town, your local businesses/organisations and local government.”
  • “Some people are often unwilling to ask for help if they feel stressed. They may feel embarrassed, or that they should be able to deal with stress on their own. However, if you are stressed, it is important to speak to someone about your feelings, particularly if they are interfering with the way that you live your life. …”
  • “Here are seven of the best, simple, and sometimes seemingly upside down tips for being more prolific. … Create a “to stop” list; Focus on short bursts; Define your daily ass-kicking; Allow yourself to suck; Focus on the Three C's; Stop caring about things that don’t matter; Make it stupidly simple.”
  • “… our study suggests that drinking black tea may speed up our recovery from the daily stresses in life. Although it does not appear to reduce the actual levels of stress we experience, tea does seem to have a greater effect in bringing stress hormone levels back to normal. This has important health implications, because slow recovery following acute stress has been associated with a greater risk of chronic illnesses such as coronary heart disease.”
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  • “…Though forthcoming, my friend was anxious to preserve her anonymity; Facebook employees, after all, know better than most the value of privacy. As she is not permitted to divulge company secrets, and would like to remain employed, her name has been omitted from this interview. It provides an interesting snapshot of the inner workings and culture of Facebook in the summer of 2009…”