links for 2011-11-07

  • Technology just makes us all busier | Education | The Guardian
    “I’m hardly the first to point out that instead of consuming the time-saving benefits of information technology by making the work day less pressured, we have found other ways of filling up the time. Now that we have such whizzy computers, university administrators can do valuable things that we had no time for before, such as making sure every member of the department has signed a piece of paper swearing that they know where the fire exits are.”

Something about this article makes me very cross. Is it just because it’s lazy? attacking an easy target? horribly missing the point and overlooking all the positives and changes for good? Or perhaps that little dig from an academic at university administration (FOR GOD’S SAKE, CHANGE THE RECORD)?

links for 2011-11-02

  • BBC News – Colleges lose licences in immigration crackdown
    “More than 470 UK colleges have been barred in the last six months from accepting new foreign students from outside Europe, the Home Office says. They either had licences revoked or did not sign up to a new inspection system – part of government efforts to curb abuse of the immigration system. It estimates the colleges could have brought in 11,000 students.”
  • Universities UK response to Home Office update on student visa changes
    “Beyond the substance of these arrangements, it is essential that the government considers the way in which the rules are communicated externally. It’s important that the UK appears ‘open for business’ to those individuals who are genuinely committed to coming to the UK to study at one of our highly-regarded universities. We must also be conscious of the impact that cutting down on pre-degree courses is having on our universities. Many universities operate pathway programmes with a range of providers. It is estimated that more than 40 per cent of all international students arrive through this means.”
  • Tweets could now be considered valid FOI requests > JISC Legal
    “According to recent guidance published by the ICO, tweets addressed to an institution may constitute valid Freedom of Information (FOI) requests.”
  • What Kind of Worrier Are You? | World of Psychology
    “And this list actually made me feel better because, while I checked off the majority of them, I realized I still have plenty of things to worry about that I hadn’t even thought of! Score!”
  • Productivity Future Vision
    “In 5-10 years, how will people get things done at work, at home, and on the go. Watch the concept video to get a glimpse of the future of productivity, then explore the stories and technology in more detail.”
  • Take a More Realistic Approach to Your To-Do List with the 3 + 2 Rule
    “At the morning you think you can do a, b, c, d, e. But then something goes wrong with b and you spend much more time on it than you anticipated. Subsequently you can’t finish c and d and you feel like you haven’t done enough. Let it be. Instead of having unrealistic expectations, just acknowledge that you can do only 3 big things and 2 small things. Do them and call it a day!”