Week #1969

(Not sure how much of this I can get through before my iTelephone battery gives out.)

Have been remarkably slack about these Week Notes: after writing that first post about them back in February (week #1964) I’ve written precisely zero since then. Is this struggle with adopting new habits one I’ll face for the remaining 2,494 weeks I’m expecting to be here?

Anyway, what have I been up to? A fair bit of planning – though it never feels like enough. A fair bit of day-to-day busywork – though it never feels like enough. Have enjoyed how Twitter and now Yammer are increasingly being used at work. That’s all good fun. I like the way it feels like it’s being done without a point at the moment. We’re just playing around, connecting up, seeing what happens.

Spent a very pleasant hour or so last Friday afternoon with a colleague who was after some help with a business process map she was trying to write. Just how are staff development needs identified, expressed, signed off and responded to? Working over a cuppa, using a biro and several scribbled-filled sheets of paper, a neat, succinct chart emerged. (Swim lanes!) As if often the case with these things, software comes last — cups of tea and chats come first.

The weeks of a life

Lost without listsAs usual, Russell Davies sets me off thinking again, this time about weekly progress reports/update blog entries – and death. He linked to Weeknotes.com, a very interesting site that shows a “view into the world of SME designers, makers, technologists, and smarties”. Go read what he says about it, and why he’s thinking of starting at week #2000 – and going down. I think I might give this a go too. A quick run round Excel tells me that this is week #1964 for me, and that (according to the internet) I should expect to get to week #4463. I suppose I should be making all those weeks count, then.