Branch AGM (UNISON) – 25 February 2015

The AGM for the YSJU branch of UNISON will take place on Wednesday, 25 February 2015 at 11am in the De Grey lecture theatre (DG017).
We encourage as many members as possible to attend.  Please note that the University allows ALL UNISON members to attend the AGM.

Please see the following documents for the AGM
nomination form 2015
branch annual report for 2014
H&S report
branch accounts for the AGM

There will be hard copies of these papers at the AGM – refreshments will also be available.  If any of you fancy becoming a branch officer then please complete the nomination form and return to Dave Thompson, the Chair, by 23 February.  Copies of the agenda and the nomination form are also available from Holgate Reception.

Please contact Jo Ripley ( or Gelayol Holme ( or telephone us on 01904 876670 or 01904 876923 if you have trouble accessing or printing these documents of help with attending the AGM.

2010 AGM

Today we had our 2010 AGM – thanks to all of those who attended and made it a useful event for us all :)

The topics discussed were quite diverse and in addition to the usual agenda items for AGM included:

  • The university Acrivities Review (and subsequent Financial Resilience Planning)
  • Smoking Policy
  • TOIL/Flexi/Overtime
  • Health and Safety
  • Equal Pay
  • Pressure on Staff when positions go unfilled
  • Changes to Honoraria
  • and more to boot…

We had a bit of a shuffle around with executive committee positions and have welcomed Pieter Smit aboard as our new Membership Secretary – thanks Pieter :)

More details will be forthcoming with the minutes…  watch this space…

YSJ UNISON 2010 Annual General Meeting: 3rd March

It’s in the newsletter but it’s worth saying again!

The YSJ Unison Annual General Meeting will be held on the 3rd of March at 10.30 – 11.30am in
DG 017. All staff who are Unison members are entitled to attend. If you have any difficulties
getting released from work for the hour please let your local Rep know who can remind your
manager of this entitlement! Come along to hear how your union Rep’s have been working to
ensure the staff voice has been heard during a very difficult year, and raise any issues you feel
need to be discussed. There will be branch updates, discussions and votes about who will be
representing you in the year to come.

If you are particularly interested in either equalities or staff learning issues at the University let
us know – we have two new Rep positions we are looking to fill – could one of them be yours?
DG 017 is on the ground floor of the new De Grey building. To find it you will simply need to
follow the signs to the Unison AGM or ask at reception.