Day 5 – Altering a record

You may find that you need to edit a RefWorks record.  Sometimes, you may have entered some details incorrectly.  More importantly, it is very common for information to be entered into the wrong field when records are transferred from other search tools and you need to check if this has happened with yours.  When two systems try to talk to each other, they can sometimes get mixed up!

You can edit any record by clicking on this icon, which is on the right hand side of each individual record’s title:


Common errors encountered whilst transferring records include all of the publication information (i.e. place, date and publisher) going into the publisher field, instead of the individual ones:


You will need to separate these out if this happens to you:


Another one is the author information getting replicated in the title field, as well as the author one:


Make sure there is only title information in there – delete the rest!


Once you have finished editing the resource record, click ‘Save reference’ and close the window.

Accompanying video:

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