Day 7 – Creating a bibliography

One of the key things you are likely to use your RefWorks account for is to create a reference list or bibliography.  As has already been discussed, a major part of avoiding plagiarism is providing a reference with the necessary information to allow the reader to recognise and find the work of anyone else that you have used.  Therefore, it is very important, before creating a bibliography in RefWorks, that you have filed resources under the correct item type, that you understand the key fields required for each type of resource and that the records are populated accordingly.

You will need to select the resources you wish to include in your bibliography.  The easiest way to do this is to copy all of the relevant references into a folder.  Alternatively, you can just select the ones you want from a longer list.

  • Select the folder from which you wish to make the bibliography
  • Click the ‘Create bibliography’ button
  • Check that RefWorks is picking up the relevant folder and that it is including the references you need
  • Check that the correct referencing style is picked (this will usually be York St John Harvard)
  • Click ‘Create bibliography’
  • Some browsers’ pop up blockers will stop it appearing immediately: use the prompt in the bottom right hand corner of the screen if this happens
  • Your bibliography will appear

You can copy and paste this bibliography in to any document.

Please make sure that it matches the guidelines of whichever referencing style you are using before you submit a bibliography in an assignment.  It is your responsibility to ensure the outcome adheres to the relevant standard.

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