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Life After Graduation

The months after graduation can be both an exciting and difficult time. You may be going through a lot of changes or experiencing a new direction. Sometimes you might be tempted to compare yourself to others, or forget to give yourself a break and have fun. 

We asked last year’s graduates to help us put together some advice for the Class of 2019. 

Never forget York

You will stop crying eventually, don’t worry! Everything works out in the end and you are doing the best you can do!

Never forget York and always try and visit when you can.

Keep in touch with your close friends from uni because they will remind you of all the amazing times you had and how fun you can be (because you will probably feel like you are not fun at all when you finish uni and get a full time job).

Never stop dreaming

My advice to graduating students is never stop dreaming and always try new things.

My year in Yorkshire was the most important year in my life, I met new people that now are my friends and I also learned a lot about England, the English culture and how this beautiful country is!

Don’t rush

Don’t be rushed by everyone else! You don’t have to be in your ideal career straight away, regardless of what anybody else is doing!

Have fun, live free

I suppose my best advice would be you do not have to rush straight into anything!

After university, you have been living with friends, you may be moving back home, and you are a very different person to the person who left 3 years ago!

Give yourself time to figure it all out. You have your whole life ahead of you. You don’t have to rush into getting an amazing job, you need to figure out who you are out of university!

Earn some money, have fun, live free, life can only get better!

Be brave, be authentic

Don’t worry if that first graduate job doesn’t immediately materialize or judge yourself by the speed at which your peers find their first jobs.

Try to remember that interviews are as much about you seeing if the company is right for you, as it is about them evaluating you.

Try not to take any rejections personally and don’t be afraid to aim high. Just because you don’t tick every single box on the employee specification it doesn’t mean you are not their perfect candidate.

Be brave, be authentic, and be confident in your ability to learn. Demonstrate your motivation for the field in every way you can. With determination and perseverance you will get there!

Good luck.


Do you have anything to share from life after graduation? Get in touch!

Graduation selfie at York St John University

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