Review: ‘Poets on the Water’ Reading @ City Screen, York

To habielp celebrate National Poetry Day on Thursday 3rd October, The Basement at the City Screen held a poetry reading, featuring our very own Creative Writing and English Literature tutors, Abi Curtis and Steve Nash.   With the theme being poems around the water, the poets read and performed their best water-related poetry, as well as other non related themed poems. Some were serious; some were funny, but all in all, a very entertaining night indeed.

With each poet reading their work while engaging with the audience, and then introducing thesteve next poet (including a funny introduction from Steve, pretending to mix up Abi Curtis with the actor Tony Curtis) it was a great way to enjoy all the readings and to get to know the poet a little bit.

Before the reading, I and a few other students weren’t really sure what to expect of the whole event. We had never been to a poetry reading outside of university, and although we had our own ideas, we were generally clueless.

henryDespite it being slightly different from what I imagined it would be like, it was certainly a fun night, and everyone I asked seemed to think that too. For me, it opened up a new experience and positively altered my views towards poetry. If you’ve never been to a poetry reading before, I would recommend you try it at least once, for it’s surprising how it can change your feelings for it.

review by YSJ Creative Writing student Bethan Mosley

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