Sunday Bookshop Review: Little Apple Bookshop!


The Little Apple Bookshop is a cosy little place, full of everything you could ever want, especially if you’re a YSJ student! If you are a literature or creative writing student you’ll already know about the Little Apple, as it generally stocks the reading list for first years, just to make things a little easier!

But book buying tips aside The Little Apple Bookshop is wonderful! Not only does it house fiction, humour, poetry, science fiction, signed books, and an extensive children’s section, it has plenty of fun book themed gifts, toys and trinkets. From novelty bookmarks to Shakespeare plush toys to literary tote bags, there’s no better way to let the world know you love books (quite possibly) more than people!

New York may be the Big Apple but Old York has the Little Apple! You should definitely have a taste!! (And pick up a tote bag!)

  1. 9 exclamation marks…

    1. Just that excited about bookshops!!!

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