Sunday Bookshop Review: Minster Gate Bookshop!

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The Minster Gate Bookshop is the perfect bookshop for everybody! Interested in folklore? Wander up to the first floor! Need a new book for the kids? Have a browse through the children’s section downstairs! Lover of Shakespeare? All on the second floor! Gardening? Philosophy? Psychology? Ancient History? You can find anything and everything in The Minster Gate Bookshop!


The Minster Gate Bookshop is one of the must see bookshops in York, possibly Yorkshire. Possibly England. It is a fantastic, and beautiful bookshop, with seemingly endless nooks and crannies packed full of books of all shapes and sizes and interests. Despite specialising in Children’s literature, folklore, and Arthurian literature, there are certainly no limitations to this fantastic bookshop! (I’m trying to be unbiased I promise, it’s just so difficult!)

It’s so full of books they’re even spilling off the shelves!

This treasure of York is definitely worth a visit! Any book lover needs a chance to go there and clear out the bank account! (What else if money for if not books?)

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