Sunday Bookshop Review: The Grimoire Bookshop

The Grimoire Bookshop is one of the nicest, most welcoming bookshops in York, the beautiful displays and second hand books give the shop a really welcoming homely feel. There is a wide range of fantastic and beautiful books all with yellowing pages and great histories perfect for any kind of bookworm, there are plenty of brilliant classics, children’s books, horror, science fiction and even a great section made up of cooking and craft books.

It’s a great place for a nice browse amongst the shelves, but it’s a great asset to students as well as Grimoire Bookshop is happy to buy second hand books! The only problem is that once you sell how could you resist buying the rest of the stock? It’s definitely a bookshop for hardcore bookworms and should be checked out by all the literature and creative writing students.

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