Poetry Competition Opportunity for Students!

Dial-a-Poem Competition 2020!

Dial-a-Poem, a new nationwide student poetry competition, is now open for entries for telephonic poems competing for a chance to win up to £500 in National Book Tokens and publication.

In partnership with Nottingham Trent University, the Arts and Humanities Research Council, the BT Archives and the Science Museum, and judged by award-winning poet Jane McKie, the competition calls out for poems which – directly or indirectly – engage with the idea of calling.

The original Dial-a-Poem was launched by the late John Giorno fifty years ago, and the service – via which users called in to hear recordings of work by essential and provocative poets of the time – will be reconfigured in the digital age by way of a mobile app for launch in 2020. Winners of the Dial-a-Poem competition will be offered the chance to record their poem for the Dial-a-Poem app and a sound installation in the City of Nottingham, joining a roster of celebrated international poets.

Deadline for entries is 10 February 2020. https://url4.mailanyone.net/v1/?m=1iYBYY-000AzY-5D&i=57e1b682&c=XdMCRhdIJbKBQQaHPPpaA1OKgUyksMsEaqw-EawCWsHhAQhm_5oWwG8G8WLAFjlKluowP7xY-nOGmATEPYkXLdchnkm0MYlua0K_0Ip75OSwVOtVhTuPAX3GiYK55UXe2P4OWxMaaQtdJ6dTNw-gU6cnNio38OW_q-5W1sRtied–5_OPaRDx1GpLB7husK7hLvGd2RJ1kWESwJm5O_BZgptowFFnKdtoeIQ1r8sSWNOXqigMjpdExmCpOnpsLebkRegIJcg2Y_Ul03Ic6iqkQ


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