BlogCast Diary Week 4

The students on the Publishing, Production and Performance are continuously working on their anthology, Beyond the Walls! In this blog diary, Creative Writing BA student Chloe Green writes about the process of the different teams.

Dear Diary,

Well into the fourth week of the Beyond the Walls project, all three teams are well under way with their weekly tasks leading up to the publication of the book.


The Marketing Team:

The leader of the Marketing Team began their meeting by showing the rest of the group a Marketing Material Timetable that they could refer back to week by week and keep track of what advertisements they are creating for each event. From there, they split off into their sub-teams. The Showcase Team focused on what technology they would need for when the students are reading out their work; they ultimately decided on using attached mics for the two hosts and a static mic for the performers. They also looked at how the event will be split, they decided that the singing society would perform during the intermission. Another focal point was what roles the volunteers would have during the event.

The Literature Festival team have started to plan ahead of time for the material they will be creating; contemporary poetry, Polari Literature Salon and Found Fiction. Their next steps include: to get moving on the marketing  materials, keep updating their social media accounts and to start considering contacting performers.

The Editing Team:

This week, the Editing Team began to edit the submissions that they have received so far so that they can be handed back to the current third years to begin their final drafts, ready for publication.

The BlogCast Team:

This week, The Blog Team met with York St John’s official Blog team to introduce themselves to the group and to discuss which team members were creating each piece. The YSJ Blog Team also told the Blog Team how the pieces will be processed and uploaded to the blog. The ideas for the piece about the Student Showcase was also discussed, seeing as how the showcase has not yet commenced, it will not be written until after the showcase.

During the Podcast Team meeting, they had established that an outline of the script had been created by one of the team members. They had also decided to get together talk to discuss more details. They also managed to decide on wanting a sound booth to record the podcast and who they wanted to interview for it.


Overall, all the teams are progressing extremely well with their tasks in hoping to produce the latest edition of Beyond the Walls!


Until next time,

The BlogCast Team!

20/2/20 (week 4)

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