BlogCast Diary Week 5

The students in Publishing Production and Performance have written another diary post about the process of making their anthology, Beyond the Walls 2020, to be published by Valley Press.

Dear Diary,

This week is the last week before Reading Week for all students here at York St John. All groups participating in the Beyond the Walls are doing wonderfully about keeping on task and making progress with the anthology.


During the meeting this week, the Team Leader checked on how the sub-teams were getting on with their own tasks and checking them against their timetable. There was also a check up on their social media posts and a discussion about the posters; mainly to do with the colour scheme as to keep it with the YSJ website. They plan to keep with the posters and the social media posts for the Literature Festival. They also plan to put out a social media reminder that the call for submissions is open for both the content and the cover art.

Now that they have confirmed who have submitted so far, they plan to contact those who have submitted to ask if they are willing to perform at the Student Showcase. Also for the Showcase, they have confirmed they will be needing 3 microphones, a blank screen to go behind the performers when they are on stage and plan to buy badges with the front cover of the anthology on them to hand out to the audience. For those of you wondering about refreshments, wine is the top choice for the interval.


The Editing team used this time to edit some of the poetry submissions that were sent in. They also used the time to reach out to the other teams to make a push for cover design and writer submissions.


During this week’s meeting, the Blog Team had discussed the team leader’s list of week by week activities so that they could keep on schedule. Everyone in the team has mostly finished their own pieces but there are still a few pieces left to do. Everyone is getting on well with their tasks. Other members of the team have also written out a draft email that will be sent out in the following weeks to third years and masters students for a future blog piece.

The Podcast team, this week, had a busy meeting. They discussed who was going to speak during the podcast, decided that they wanted to interview a guest speaker from the module also. They also discussed the type of music and sound effects that they would like to use during the podcast. The team leader will edit the podcast and announced that the sound booth had been booked. The team checked that the platform for distribution was suitable to use and was for free. Most importantly, they were able to finalise the script for the first podcast.


We hope you’ve been enjoying these posts so far,

Until next time,

The BlogCast Team!

25/02/20  (Week 5)

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