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Charlotte Carlile


I did my undergraduate degree in English Literature and Creative Writing here at York St John, and I’m back now for my MA in Publishing and Creative Writing.

I enjoy writing, reading, crochet (crafting in general), and am currently a bit too obsessed with sharks. I hope to publish some day, and am slowly working my way up to writing something novel length.

I tend to write short stories, focusing on horror and the uncanny, magical realism/fantasy, and queerness, and am currently exploring disability fiction. I’m excited to be on this year’s team for the blog, and I cant wait to see what happens!

Lucy Cummings


I have just started my postgraduate degree in Publishing and Creative Writing coming from an undergraduate degree at York St John in Creative Writing.

I enjoy reading, writing, spirituality, and researching folklore. I love visiting sites across the UK to use as material for my writing. I am currently consumed with details about Yorkshire myths which I am using to craft a story on a obscure Georgian house in a tiny village (haunted by a ghost of course).

I have written a historical fantasy novel centred around Norse mythology but am procrastinating editing it massively despite the amount of drafts I’ve gone through. I enjoy writing in the fantasy genre from writing stories with dragons and fire goddesses to ghosts in tiny Yorkshire villages. I love exploring love, betrayal, fear, and courage in my pieces with the characters rising from the ashes to crush those who have hurt them.

Clara Juncker


I took a leap of faith starting an MA in Publishing and Creative Writing after doing an undergraduate degree in Modern Applied Languages in my home country France. After a couple of offers to publish my first novel in French, I have set myself to start a career in English instead.

My friends are my family and my writing is usually based on our silly mundane stories that I like to build up and get creative with!

Big believer in the Universe, law of attraction, karma, etc. Lover of vegan food and good wine. I currently have over 50 books in my Waterstones basket.

Based in Sheffield.

Elliott Scriven


I am a third year student studying a joint honours in English Language and Creative Writing. I am a keen writer and have huge ambitions of becoming a full-time editor once I graduate.

I have self-published my own novel and hope to roll it out to the masses at some point. I am also a published poet, with my poem, Yemchosen to be part of the 2022 edition of the Beyond The Walls anthology.

I have a particular interest in poetry, among my favourite poets are, Plath, Wordsworth, Rossetti and Tennyson. I love poetry that makes the reader feel an emotional response, whether it be joy, sorrow, peace, anger or anything in between. In terms of prose, I have a love for creative non-fiction and realist fiction in particular. My favourite novel is ‘Normal People’ by Sally Rooney.

Phil Treble

Design & Social Media

Typographer, book designer and letterpress printer studying for an MA in Publishing. I have worked both in-house and freelance as a book designer for trade and academic publishers.

I intend to set up as a independent small publisher working in the areas of local history, art and illustration, music and memoir, focussing on quality in design and production.

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