Autism Awareness

Words Matter will be posting a compilation of student’s work. Over the year as part of Stratus, a society for people on the Autism spectrum, we have being thinking of work for this collection.

by Benjamin Longbone, art by Monica Marshall

Autism Awareness is important because understanding and compassion as opposed to judgment or ignorance can make a big difference in people’s life.

Especially when people are either unable to go outside, working frontline jobs or ill it is important that they understand that people respect their differences and love them for themselves. Hopefully the upcoming collection of work will help in this, underneath is an example of some the art work in the collection, by Monica Marshall thank you

If you are worried about your children or your students and how a lack of autism awareness affects them, information on how to access free resource pack for parent or teachers are available here.

Links to stress free ways to explain the Coronavirus to people having a hard time staying put can be found here.