Blog Staff


Dr Adam James Smith

@elementaladamAdam in the hills

Adam is a Senior lecturer in Eighteenth-Century Literature. 



Dr Saffron Vickers Walkling


Saffron is a senior lecturer in English Literature.




Dr Rebecca Tamás


Rebecca is a lecturer in Creative Writing an oversees our sister-blog, Where Ideas Grow. 





Silje Tunes Huse

Silje is a coffee loving bookaholic, who spend far too much time obsessing over fictional characters. (Without regrets.)

Darcy Myers

Darcey is a Masters student studying Contemporary Literature. After completing her Undergraduate degree in Public Relations, in Leeds, she wanted explore her love for writing at York St, Johns University. Darcey enjoys running, cricket, zombies and apocalyptic fiction.

Brontë Keefe

Postgraduate student in Creative Writing with interests in fiction and short stories. I have been published in the Beyond the Walls Anthology and Aesthetica magazine. Currently in the process of writing a YA fantasy fiction novel which I hope to see published in the future.

Sian Stenson

Jack-of-all-trades, a future MA of one. Writer of fiction and of chocolate cocktail recipes. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome boss. Literature graduate of the University of York (2016). Mother to a cat called Crumpet – she’s most delicious toasted and covered in butter.




Charlotte Crawshaw
Charlotte is currently a second year English Literature student with a passion for feminism, the Eighteenth Century and all things Stephen King. She is interested in writing Fiction and spoken poetry, and hopes that the Words Matter Blog will help to expand her writing skills.


Adam Kikrbride


Adam is a second year English Literature student. His main interests are in twentieth century theatre, and the representation of sexuality and desire in literature. When he isn’t criticizing Matt Haig, he spends most of his time binging crime dramas on Netflix.





Abi Whitaker

Abi a third year English Literature student. She has her own personal blog, where she discusses everything from fashion to podcast recommendations, and so thought writing for the Words Matter blog would be a great opportunity to extend her writing. Abi is particularly interested in writing about feminism, mental health, music and poetry.


Lucy Pettigrew 


Lucy is a third year English Literature student at York St. John University. She has a major interest in both spoken word and written poetry and is about to publish her own short collection of pieces she has written. She loves writing so thought the blog would be the perfect way to project her writing to a bigger audience.


Erin Abrey

Erin is a third year creative writing student at YSJ and an avid fiction writer with a love of chicken nuggets!



James Turner

James  is a second year English Literature and Creative Writing student and aspiring poet. Coming from rural North Yorkshire, he is particularly interested in challenging expectations around masculinity in rural societies through his writing. He is currently exploring the changing nature of agriculture and our individual and societal relationship with nature.

Erin Byrne


Erin is currently studying English Literature at York St John, mainly because of a childhood spent buried in books. She in interested in representations of youth and the punk movement in media. Her goals include being a full time writer of amusing things and eventual world domination.


Freya Bainbridge

Freya is a third year Creative Writing student at York St John. She’s partial to both fiction and non-fiction but especially where the two meet and lines are blurred. Most days you can find her desperately trying to remember the perfect line she thought of the night before.