Dissertation Corner with Rose Kirby: Political Lesbianism and Fetishization

In this week’s instalment of Dissertation Corner,  Rose Kirby tells us about her project on political lesbianism and fetishisation in early twenty-first century fictional realism.


What is the topic of your dissertation?

Political lesbianism, orientalist, sexuality and fetishes. A lot! 

How did you choose the texts for the project?

I studied both of my dissertation books at different stages of my education. One was at AS-level Literature and Language, and the other I came across whilst I was studying ’Ecopoetics’ (ecocriticism, scientific papers and literature on the environment) on my exchange abroad in Stockholm.

Has your dissertation changed much since submitting your proposal?

Definitely! It’s expanded to include more ideology and methodology than I thought at first.  

What have you enjoyed most and what have you struggled most with?

 I have most enjoyed the freedom to research and get stuck-in with the subject matter surrounding my topics, and realising how much I love it! This is a double-edged sword though, it has been a challenge to keep on top of both researching independently and being a third year student with other commitments. 

What has it been like working closely with an academic supervisor?

It has been really engaging and reassuring, to be able to have an intellectual conversation, where you are able to be influenced and encouraged by their expertise and support has been invaluable.