Important All About Respect Training Open to Students

Please be aware of the following All About Respect Training open to students. 

Sexual Violence Disclosure Training: This is a one hour session about how to deal with a sexual violence disclosure. Anyone can receive a disclosure so we run these sessions for staff and students.

Tuesday 1st October, 11am-12am Book here! Sexual Violence Disclosure Training

 IDAS Champions Training 

Every academic year, we offer our students the opportunity to attend training with local charity, IDAS (Independent Domestic Abuse Service) and to become an ‘IDAS Champion’.The training will increase your understanding of: identifying different types of domestic abuse, understanding barriers for victims accessing support, how to refer to the support available to the victim and perpetrator, the importance of boundaries, the law around domestic violence and abuse, how social media can be used to abuse people and the importance of looking after your own personal wellbeing when talking about domestic abuse.

IDAS Champions 6th November (Students) 

IDAS Champions 21st November (Students)

Bystander Training: The Intervention Initiative is a bystander programme which aims to empower you to become an active bystander, and be part of the solution in stopping and preventing harassment in your student community.

Wed 9th October 2.30pm-4:30pm (student)

Book here! Student Bystander Training 9th October

Wed 30th October 1pm-3pm (student)Book here! Student Bystander Training 30th October