Mad Alice Records – Call For Writers!

Mad Alice Records are a York-based, non-genre specific record label. We work with artists to provide marketing – from written content, to social media sites and photography – and production services (For instance, Elsie Franklin’s EP). The company was founded in 2016 by Masters Music Production student Aidan Laycock, and we’ve grown exponentially ever since.

Since I started working at Mad Alice Records, I’ve had the opportunity to interview upcoming artists such as Joshua Burnell and Love Zombies, as well as world-renowned sculptor and Pollination Project visitor Wolfgang Buttress. I’ve also had the chance to write film reviews in our monthly E-magazine, see: Suicide Squad, Sausage Party, Split (coincidental alliteration, I assure you).

I’ve been able to review tonnes of albums, EP’s and tracks and found some new favourites. I also started ‘O.C. Sundays’, Original Content Sundays, in which anything goes (See: The History of the Mountain Goats, Political Music). My position at Mad Alice Records has opened connections with great people around York, as well as evoking interest in job interviews and providing hands on experience with writing for a record label.

We recently decided to open our written content to submissions, meaning that you can write for our website or E-Magazine – covering a range of music based topics! Writing is voluntary, but comes with great perks, including: Free gigs, exclusive music and a great opportunity to be published by an independent company!marecords

To get involved, drop us an email at

  • Zoe Buckton, Marketing Manager