Postponement Beyond the Walls

The teams behind the Beyond the Walls anthology have some very important information regarding their student showcase, which was scheduled to take place in March.

Well. This certainly wasn’t something we thought would happen when we started this project, but such is life.

Unfortunately, due to the spread of CORVID-19, the York Literature Festival has been postponed. That means that our showcase has also been postponed.

Our teams have been working incredibly hard to prepare for the showcase, so this is a bitter blow. However, there are a few things to take away from this. The first is that it has been postponed not cancelled. Our work hasn’t gone to waste and we will still get to see the fruits of our labours, we just don’t know when that will be yet.

The second thing is that this doesn’t affect the publication. So while the rest of us scramble to change tack, the editing team are still ploughing on as planned, trying to stay calm among the frantic last minute adjustments.

The third thing to take away for this is a learning experience for all of us. How to deal with unforeseen circumstances like this is something everyone has to learn. As I write this, our Events and Marketing Team is holding a meeting to discuss strategies moving forward. The Blog and Podcasting Team is already making changes to the material we’re working on, too.

Keep an eye on our social media pages for updates and information, and keep an eye on the York Literature Festival’s website as well.

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By Olivia Fyfe