Volunteering Opportunity: Light Night 2018

Light Night 2018 Volunteer Information

Light Night is a multi-arts and light festival which takes over Leeds city centre on 2 nights in early October. The city’s arts and cultural venues open their doors late into the evening, and artists transform indoor and outdoor spaces into exciting, interactive works of art.

This year’s festival will take place on the evenings of Thursday 4th and Friday 5th October. Volunteers must also be able to attend one of our briefing sessions taking place at 6pm on Wednesday 19th September and 6pm on Monday 24th September.

Being such a large city-wide event, which is increasing in popularity year on year, Light Night relies on a large number of volunteers. The role of Light Night Festival Volunteer will involve a number of different duties, and opportunities may vary depending on what this year’s Light Night priorities are.  You may be asked to assist an artist, undertake market research, or work as a visitor assistant. 

Description of Light Night volunteer roles:

Supporting visitors

You will be assisting the public to make the most of their evening enjoyably and safely. You may be based outdoors, at key transport links to give visitors event brochures, provide directions and information and answer programme based questions. You may be based indoors assisting the artists on the night, sit with the art project, answer questions about the work, communicate back to the core team any issues, assist audience members in interacting with the piece or getting to their seats, helping to organise any queues, counting and estimating audience numbers across the night.


Supporting projects

You may be asked to offer the artists and community groups taking part in the night a hand in delivering their projects. You will help set up artwork / installations or performances spaces and take down / pack away equipment.  You may be required to assist audience members in interacting with the piece or getting to their seats, helping to organise any queues, counting and estimating audience numbers across the night and asking audience members for their e-mail addresses so feedback surveys can be sent to them.


Market Research

To help us improve Light Night each year we need to get a good understanding of what our visitors think about the event. This is why the role of Market Research Assistant is so important. You will be asking audience members to undertake feedback surveys on the night and asking people for their e-mail addresses so feedback surveys can be sent to them after the event. You will need to be confident to approach a wide range of visitors to gather feedback information. People may wish to fill out a survey themselves or for you to fill it in for them. We may look for some audience members to be case studies which would require gathering more detailed information on the night. We may also ask you to note down any verbal feedback or quotes given to you by audiences, venue staff or artists.


Cash handling and selling

We may require volunteers to sell brochures and merchandise during the evenings, please let us know if this is something you would be particularly interested in and we will be able to give you the training you need to support this.


Photographers /Videographers

This role is great for anyone interested in, or pursuing a career in, photography, photographic journalism, documentary, or film production. You must have proven experience and skills in this field and you will work with the team on capturing the event through still or moving images. These may be used after the event online or in publications. Please be aware that we cannot pay for the use of photographs or footage, as we have professional photographers working at the event. But we will ensure that all photographs and video clips used are credited, so it is an ideal opportunity for professional development and building up your portfolio. Please indicate on the application form if you would like to be considered for this role.


Pre festival and artist support

We have a limited number of opportunities available for volunteers who are interested in working in the couple of weeks leading up to the festival either in the office as support or helping as artist assistants to install artworks. If you are interested in this role please fill in the relevant section on the application form with your experience and availability and we will be in touch nearer the event.

Please note

All members of the Light Night volunteer team will need to become well acquainted with the festival programme and be prepared to answer general visitor queries such as the location to the nearest toilets etc. You will be representing Light Night and Leeds City Council and we expect you to interact with artists, staff and the public in a professional and friendly manner.

Benefits and Training

All volunteers will be required to attend a briefing session at Leeds Town Hall on either Wednesday 19th September or Monday 24th September. During this time we will give you the information required to fulfil your role.  We’ll provide you with lots of information so you are clear on what is expected of you on the night and so you feel confident in answering questions from members of the public.

All volunteers will receive incentives including tickets to the Leeds International Film Festival 2018, festival merchandise, money off offers and other surprises!

Following the event volunteers will be able to request a reference to confirm their participation and role duties that can be used to help future work or volunteering applications.

For more information and to get hold of an application form please email: