Welcome to Languages and Linguistics!

Languages, linguistics and TESOL have been taught at York St John University for over 40 years. On this website you can find information about our programmes aimed at students starting one of our programmes in September, find out about our staff research and how it connects to our teaching, and see some of our students’ work on key topics in the study of language(s). We will be adding to these pages in the coming months, so please check back in frequently. 

Among the student work are some examples of online portfolios that were created for ‘Reflections and Connections in Linguistics’, a third year undergraduate module. The module invites critical evaluation and integration of themes from across and beyond the BA English Language and Linguistics and the BA English Language, Linguistics and TESOL programmes at York St John University.

You can access the students’ portfolios by clicking on the ‘Student Work’ tab above. Inside the portfolios you will see a wide range of topic-relevant materials, including: mind maps, blogs, PowerPoint presentations, images, think pieces, critical commentaries and reading lists.

You can also read about other activities that our students engaged in as members of the School of Languages and Linguistics, and about their subsequent careers. Click on the ‘Students’ tab above.

Special thanks to all the students who have given permission for their work to be published and to those who have created content for this site in the form of welcome messages, advice and student profiles.

For more information about any of our modules, programmes, open days or public events, please email us: n.swift@yorksj.ac.uk, b.muradas-taylor@yorksj.ac.uk or school.ll@yorksj.ac.uk. We very much look forward to hearing from you! 

Nikki Swift & Becky Muradás-Taylor

Associate Heads: Language

School of Education, Language and Psychology

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