For a while now, we have been using Moodle as our primary VLE. In fact, it was introduced to YSJ in academic year 2010/11. Since then, we’ve had various iterations of Mooodle. We started with version 1.9, moved to 2.0 in Summer 2011 and this January (2013), we hope to move to 2.3.

Each upgrade completed has been reasonably well managed; users have been informed well in advance and the system has been tested, support resources created and training provided. However, we’ve not been particularly good at documenting the development of our system – the customisations and setting changes and especially the reasons for these.

This blog is intended to address this issue and be a place where the Moodle team (including our chums in EIS) can justify and reflect on our reasons for taking certain decisions. However, it shouldn’t be restricted to this. It’s a place where we can put ideas about future enhancements, reflect on any issues raised by staff and students and generally muse aboout our Moodle.

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