Offline marking using the assignment tool

Just revisiting the issue of bulk upload in Moodle.

Daniel and I were discussing it and I was showing him the tracker link which had used the phrase Offline marking. I had a minor panic thinking that I’d been following the wrong tracker issue but after contacting Amanda Doughty from City University, who was involved in the original Bulk upload implementation, she has confirmed that we are indeed on the right track – thanks Amanda.

Netspot are the new developers of this functionality and it looks like it will make 2.4 as core, although I haven’t seen it in the QA testing site as yet.

Anyway, this is good news and means we can start preparing for the move to 2.4/2.5 in Summer 2013, alongside developing the SITS grade integration.

For reference, this is a list of useful links related to the new assignment tool:

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