Technology to replace face-to-face teaching?

Whole cohort lectures

Whole cohort lectures

Initially when I started to work within higher education I continued to apply the strategies and techniques I had used within the primary classroom to my higher education sessions. It was not long before I realised that, even though the basic learning theories still apply, there was a uniqueness to learning and teaching within higher education that I had not been aware off.

Within initial teacher education, students do have whole cohort lectures but more often work in rooms which are in a similar setup to a classroom which allows the students to carry out practical activities within the subjects, as well as learning about creating displays and other resources. The majority of the teaching is face-to-face. By this I mean that the sessions are led in the presence of the tutor who leads, directs or challenges learning. But can technology replace this face to face teaching and move it more into the virtual learning environment?

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Ian Wilson

Currently working in higher education as a senior lecturer in education. I have a keen interest in e-pedagogy especially how technology and social media can be used to support teaching and learning.

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