5 Days of EMA & TurnItIn

Welcome to 5 Days of Assessment and Feedback with TurnItInUK

marking_feedbackThe assessment life-cycle is fundamentally an academic framework for viewing the assessment and feedback process in its entirety. It shows a high level view of the academic processes involved and offers a ready means of mapping business processes and supporting technologies against it. The term electronic management of assessment (EMA) is increasingly being used to describe the way in which technology is used across the assessment lifecycle to support the electronic submission of assignments, as well as marking and feedback.

TurnitinUK is an electronic assignment submission and plagiarism detection service that can support the EMA process.  This week long course will introduce the EMA lifecycle and how TurnItIn can support the various stages.


Monday 7th December – Friday 11th December

Day 1 – Introduction to the Electronic Management of Assessment Lifecycle and TurnItIn

Day 2 – Creating a TurnItIn Assignment

Day 3 – Submitting to a TurnItIn Assignment and interpreting originality report

Day 4 – Marking and Feedback

Day 5 – Advanced Marking and Feedback techniques (Rubrics, marking offline with an iPad, audio feedback)


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Eventbrite - 5 Days of Electronic Management of Assessment with TurnItInUK

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If you have any questions you can contact us at TEL@yorksj.ac.uk

TEL Team

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