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My YSJ and Assignment Information from Moodle 0

My YSJ and Assignment Information from Moodle

A few students have highlighted problems with how assignment information is presented in their My YSJ portal. Students’ problems and feedback with the way information is presented, can be summarised as follows – this...

Moodle offline assignment (bulk upload) 0

Moodle offline assignment (bulk upload)

I have been looking around for what’s happening with the assignment bulk upload feature in Moodle. This is something that our tutors really need in order to save time when loading response files back into...

Mahara integration with 2.3 0

Mahara integration with 2.3

Looks like Moodle 2.3 has a bit of a deeper integration with Mahara, which could be useful for students gathering evidence from things like discussion forums. Not sure how smooth it is at this...