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Moodle: Boost Theme

Boost is a new core theme that gives our Moodle site a fresh new look! It provides better navigation within and between courses, gives you a consistent, and clearer way to configure key pages...


Moodle Boost Theme – Coming Soon!

On Wednesday 4th July we’ll be upgrading to Moodle 3.4, and as part of the upgrade Moodle we will be getting a new theme called Boost! Boost is a new core theme that gives...

New Mahara theme 1

Mahara Makeover

Many of you will have noticed that Mahara, our e-portfolio system, has a new look and feel. Over the summer, we commissioned Bas (@BasBrands) to design a number of new themes aimed at bringing...


Mahara Theme Update

We’re starting the process of updating our Mahara theme, to bring it in line with our new Moodle theme, which was implemented last summer. To do this we’re commissioning Bas (@BasBrands), the same designer...