MPEC2020 is proud to announce two keynote speakers: Professor Carola Boehm & TBC

Carola Boehm – “Music Technology Education in University 3.0 “

In our HE and FE institutions, many of us have become in-betweeners, interconnectors, third culture practitioners.  We now live, breathe and work between music and technology, between practice and theory, between research, enterprise and innovation. And how we support our emerging creative professionals within these learning environments has shifted substantially over the last 20 years.


As the subject disciplines around music and media expanded, creative scholars transformed themselves from being owners of knowledge to curators of know-how situated within an expanding and increasingly fragmented set of multi- and interdisciplinary knowledge fields. And once our knowledge society really took off, with its open platforms, its digital connectivity and its mass distribution without mediators, then creative practitioners started to really understand the power of constantly shifting and renegotiating roles between producing and consuming content. Welcome to Culture 3.0.


But I would content that in our UK music industry – as evident from our current government Creative Industry Strategy – we are still a little bit hung up on Culture 2.0 and this is holding us back. In order to move beyond a status quo that  – through gate-keeping functions – still keeps us from sharing more effectively our collective creative wealth – we need a new educational paradigm, which I have called University 3.0. And this new paradigm is set to unlock the potential of Culture 3.0, including an increase in cultural participation, a decrease of gate-keeping, more support of a rich diversity, a much more immersive experience of living creatively and above all, the unlocking of an even larger economic and social value than we experience now.


Welcome to the future of Music Technology Education in University 3.0.

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