Chris Mayers

professor chris mayers

Programme Role: Emeritus Professor

How long have you worked at YSJU?

I am no longer on the pay role but worked at York St John from 1984 until 2010. I now have a role as Emeritus Professor.

What did you do before then? I was involved in Occupational Therapy education and practice in Dublin; and before that in OT practice, London

What are your professional and academic interests?

  • Person-centred practice, developed the Mayers’ Lifestyle Questionnaires (1), (2) and (3) (;
  • Meeting spiritual needs within occupational therapy practice and have developed a definition of spirituality enable this (
  • Enabling the quality of life of users of our services;
  • Development of research within our profession, in Europe and the UK

What roles and responsibilities have you held (e.g. University/Academic/Professional)?

  • Lecturing has extended from teaching the anatomy of the hand (brilliantly designed and created!) within functional anatomy to research techniques and supervising PhD students
  • Senior Lecturer, Head of Department, Reader and Professor
  • Member of the university Examinations Board
  • External examiner at various universities from 1984 onwards for all levels of degree
  • Served on research board of COT
  • Have presented the Casson Memorial Lecture (2000) and was awarded a Fellowship from COT (2011)
  • Honorary Professor in Oslo and Innsbruck

What topics do you mainly teach on? – see above

What are your research interests? – see above

Outside work, what occupations do you enjoy participating in? I am a volunteer on the chaplaincy team at York Hospital and co-ordinate the pastoral work at York Baptist Church. I like socialising and travelling. Also enjoy any practical activity.


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