Maria Parks

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Programme Roles:

Senior Lecturer in Occupational Therapy

Level 2 Year Co-ordinator

Faculty Equality & Diversity Champion

How long have you worked at YSJU?

I joined the YSJU family in the summer of 2001

What did you do before then?

Prior to joining YSJU, I worked as a lecturer in OT for a year in Crawley in Sussex and prior to that, I held several posts as an OT and manager in Local Authority OT departments in the London Boroughs of Croydon and also Hackney.

What are your professional and academic interests?

Since qualifying as an OT in 1989, I have always worked in Social Service departments and so my main area of interest and expertise, is housing and housing adaptations. I have held various roles within the COT Specialist Section for Housing, including Vice Chair, Education and Research Lead.

My academic interests have mainly concerned learning and teaching including how technology can enhance the student learning experience.  I was awarded Teaching Fellowships from YSJU two Centres of Excellence for Teaching and Learning (CETL); firstly the ALPS (Assessment of Learning in Practice Settings) and C4C projects.  I have also been a Faculty E-Learning Champion.  Currently I am co-leading on a Student as Partners in Curriculum Design Project, developing the OT Programme Social Media.

What roles and responsibilities have you held (e.g. University/Academic/ Professional)?

See above.

What topics do you mainly teach on?

I have taught on many different modules over the years including; evidence based practice for physical OT practice, research methods, foundations and theory of OT profession, management, law, ethics  and service improvement.  My post-graduate teaching has concerned inclusive and accessible housing modules as CPD and MSc modules.

What are your research interests?

  • Learning and teaching strategies
  • Housing and adult social care

Outside work, what occupations do you enjoy participating in?

  • I am a very keen sports woman both as a spectator and participant – big Arsenal fan.
  • Playing my guitars and live music
  • Shopping, wine tasting holidays, fine food

Twitter: @jaffaparks

University link: York St John Profile Page