Ryan Boothroyd










Programme Role:

Departmental Administrator – Occupation and Wellbeing

How long have you worked at YSJU?

I started working in my current role as the administrator for Counselling, Occupational Therapy and CPD in March 2014 (on St Patrick’s Day).

What did you do before then?

Before coming back to York St John (I was a student here from 2010-2013), I worked as an Apprentice Marketing Assistant for the National Science Learning Centre. Before that role, I was a graduate intern with NYBEP (North Yorkshire Business and Education Partnership). After leaving university, I decided (on a whim) to do a three week placement at the Black Cultural Archives in Brixton. It was a fantastic opportunity!

What are your professional and academic interests?

Although not a member of academic staff, I have had some academic experiences! My degree was in English Literature and I thoroughly enjoyed studying about the African-American identity in literature and also how the American identity has changed post-9/11. In July 2014, I was lucky enough to present at Mansfield College, University of Oxford and in May 2015, I presented another research paper on one of my favourite novelists (Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie) at San Francisco State University. I was also lucky enough to meet Chimamanda myself in May 2014 when she was a keynote speaker at the Ilkley Literature Festival.

What roles and responsibilities have you held (e.g. University/ Academic/ Professional)?

In my role, I work behind the scenes to make sure everything is kept afloat for both students and academic members of staff. From attendance monitoring to making sure Assessment Panels are as smooth as possible, I am always busy at my desk in DG/206!

Outside work, what occupations do you enjoy participating in?

Outside of my job, I have an insatiable thirst for exploring new places! After visiting San Francisco in May 2015 and having travelled extensively around Europe on family holidays, I am hoping I can go east in 2017 to India or Thailand or perhaps both. In August, I will spend five lovely nights in New York City where I hope to see a show, visit the 9/11 memorial pools and Ground Zero and pretend that I won’t be scared of the massive height that is the Empire State Building. Other than travelling, I’m an avid reader and lover of custard creams!

Twitter: @RyRyPB