Pros and Cons to using online resources

Hi everyone,

Today I thought I’d discuss the pros and cons of using online resources to support teaching and learning. For me it is one thing I do stress about, I love all the ideas on the internet but is it an easy way out?

Here are my discussion points as to why you may or may not use online resources:


1. Worksheets, games and activities are already made up for you to simply print off and use.

2. Many primary resources are very engaging and many ideas can be stimulated from the internet.

3, Why make your own worksheet when there is plenty online?

4. Some websites you have to pay a fee so why shouldn’t you be able to use them.

5. The resources are usually very creative and detailed, some people may not have the resources to create detailed activities in their own time.


1. It’s not very unique if you use online resources.

2. Is it an easy way out?

3. Do the activities differentiate clearly to fit your class?

4. Some schools have banned teachers from using online resource websites.

5. Do they really address the specific learning of the class/group/child?

I personally do use online resources for idea stimulation and sometimes I do use their worksheets or activities in my placement class. I believe if you know the activity would fit your class well then why not use it? The websites are there to be used so why not?

However, I do always feel bad and guilty when I use online resources, I feel I look lazy and it is an easy way out. When I have been to different schools I have seen numerous online resources been used so is it really a problem?

What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below to let me know…

I see the pros and the cons to using online resources.

Thank you for reading,


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