The Dreaded A-Level Result Day…

Hello Everyone,

Today I am going to try and reassure you about your A-Levels and what to expect…

So I’ll never forget the day I got my A-Level results. So it all started off by getting very little sleep, then around 7 am (about) I went on UCAS Tracker. At this time I didn’t know any of my grades I was solely just seeing if I had got into my first choice university. So the moment came (my heart is skipping a beat just writing this) I went onto the main page and it said…

amy results

I have never been so relived and excited in my life!! However, not all is as it may seem… I then went to Sixth Form and got given my results, to get into YSJ I needed BBB. However, because I had already been given the confirmation of my university place I presumed I’d got BBB… I was wrong!

I opened up my envelope and saw I’d got BBC. I was mortified, I cried! I’ve never been so disappointed. The reason I still got into university is because when I did my A-Levels my AS-Level grade in mathematics that I dropped for A-Level counted towards my final UCAS points.

I was only 1 mark away from a B in English Language, I sent it back for a remark but I was not very lucky and it came back with no change.

However, the moral of the story is don’t be disheartened if you don’t achieve the grades you want there is always still hope that you will secure your place at university.

I simply wish that you all do your very best and achieve what you deserve.

I couldn’t wish to go to a better university, I have met the most amazing people and tutors and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Even though I was so disappointed with not getting exactly what I wanted I still managed to get into my first choice university and I am fulfilling my life long dream of becoming a teacher. Here I am now preparing for my final year before entering the classroom for good!

I hope my little story of result day reassures you that all may look dreadful at times but things always turn out good in the end!

Good Luck to all you out their who will be collecting your A-Level results this August and I hope to see some of you next year!

Amy 🙂

P.S any questions about results day or YSJ or Primary Education just leave a comment below!

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