What should no teacher be without?

Everyone has views about education and what they think makes a good teacher. But what should no teacher be without? Well we asked the tutors who teach on the programme and here is a list! Did we miss anything off which you think is important – why not add it in the comments section below!

Humour – of course, everyone needs to have a sense of humour, even more so in the classroom, helps everyone to stay positive!
Curiosity – definitely an essential for learning and so must be an essential quality for all teachers!
Laminator – oh yes, there were some practical items as well – just remember to have plenty of those plastic sleeves – just in case any get jammed inside the machine.
Enthusiasm – each day is a day new when it comes to learning, wake up, get up and engage with it enthusiastically
The Internet – yes this really was one which was given to me – essential for research skills and downloading all those resources as well as extending your own subject knowledge
Scissors – nothing like an adult pair of scissors, especially if you are left handed – I’ve kept the same pair throughout all my teaching jobs
Resilience – yes having a thick skin is a good thing to have – all feedback is positive, just make sure you reflect on it and move on.
Highlighters – loads of documents to practise using these on within education.
Post- its! – how can anyone survive without these – not only essential for teaching, probably essential for life! 🙂

Ian Wilson

Currently working in higher education as a senior lecturer teaching primary mathematics, science and computing on the initial teacher education (ITE) programmes. I have a keen interest in e-pedagogy especially how technology and social media can be used to support teaching and learning.

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