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No, we are still here! The last few weeks have been very busy at YSJ. The first years have started their final placement, the second years are out on their Settings Other than Schools placement and the third years, after a fantastic CPD event, have had their final ball and have left university to start their career in teaching. Tutors have been busy marking the final assignments so there has been a gap in the posts. However, here is a new one! We thought we would share with you some more of the reasons the current students chose YSJ and the Primary Education programme – enjoy reading!

“Being a primary school teacher has always been a dream of mine, as I have always wanted to contribute towards moulding a child’s future. I chose to study at York St.John, as it was a small, characteristic and friendly university with a community feel. It has genuine, enthusiastic and passionate lecturers whom invest time to help me achieve.

“I decided to study Primary Ed at YSJ for a few reasons. Firstly, I absolutely love York as a city, I find it more of a big town, rather than a city, which I much prefer. Also, from research, I found the reputation for the course is very good at YSJ, as it originated as a teaching college.”

“I chose to do Primary Ed at YSJ because it has been training teachers for many many years and has a very good reputation. The university is small, meaning the tutors know you personally and are able to give you the time to properly support you, whether it with assignments or issues on placement.”

“I chose Primary Ed at YSJ for a lot of reasons. I’d looked at several other universities but the atmosphere of YSJ was just so welcoming and York is a wonderful place to live, study and work. The course itself is fantastic, it really helps you develop subject knowledge in every possible subject area as well as helping you understand how to effectively teach and allowing you to find the best teaching style for you. I honestly love this course so much and placement is always a good time.”

“The course content and layout is everything I wanted and more. The way the information is given before you even start the course is really reassuring for what will be expected when you do eventually start the course. The tutors were really supportive even before I started the course, especially with any issues regarding the QTS tests. Furthermore, the grounds of YSJ are just stunning you never get tired of seeing the sights and friendly staff around to give help with whatever issue you may have.”

Ian Wilson

Currently working in higher education as a senior lecturer teaching primary mathematics, science and computing on the initial teacher education (ITE) programmes. I have a keen interest in e-pedagogy especially how technology and social media can be used to support teaching and learning.

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