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**Editor: Troy is currently studying abroad in Norway for this semester – here is his blog about his adventures!**

On the first day of the Primary Education course, no one (myself included) would ever be able to anticipate how quickly their time at university passes. I’m glad I finally realised this during my second year, and decided that I want to make the most of the short time I had left of my studies.

Study abroad is one of many great opportunities to take through university, but perhaps also one of the most daunting. Moving away from the comfort of course mates, friends, lecturers and an overall great university is not an easy decision. However, as I enter my second month of studying in a city I had previously never even heard of, I can honestly say that it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.

My first two months in Norway have been extremely welcoming and the programme for exchange students has been incredible: organising trips, parties, meals and many other great experiences alongside people from all over the world, who are all in the same position as you.

My course (Norwegian Society, Education and Culture, NORSEC) has involved multiple over night field trips (all free of charge!), lectures, group projects and school visits that have developed me both personally and professionally and given great insight into systems that are completely different to our own. This has allowed me to form completely new opinions, ideas and ambitions that I cannot wait to bring home and share with my friends and family.

The little spare time I’ve had has included trips across Europe and of course across Norway, witnessing first hand the special landscape that I’d previously only seen on my Instagram feed (which does not do it justice). These and many other experiences in places I otherwise never would have visited have been with unique people I never would have encountered, had I not taken the exclusive chance to study abroad.

It is hard to interpret such a great adventure into a piece of writing, but I can definitely say that I would have regretted not taking this opportunity a lot more than I have taking it. I have also learnt that in the little time I have left at university I will certainly continue to take as many opportunities as I can, especially the intimidating ones!

Ian Wilson

Currently working in higher education as a senior lecturer teaching primary mathematics, science and computing on the initial teacher education (ITE) programmes. I have a keen interest in e-pedagogy especially how technology and social media can be used to support teaching and learning.

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