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What should no teacher be without?

Everyone has views about education and what they think makes a good teacher. But what should no teacher be without? Well we asked the tutors who teach on the programme and here is a...


Why not join a society?

University is not only about lectures, reading and assignments. There is also time to make new friends and socialise and one of the best ways to do this is to join a sports club...


Getting into schools!

People often think that university is all about long lectures in huge lecture halls with the tutor at the front telling you things. But if you are coming to join us at YSJ on...


Coming to YSJ? Let us help you…

Coming to university is a very big step for everyone. Not only is there all the aspects of living away from home to get to grips with but there is all the aspects of...


Studying Abroad – Salzburg Austria

I am well into the swing of my semester abroad in Salzburg, Austria. I am enrolled on an international course at a teaching university (Pädagogische Hochschule Salzburg) which means my class is made up of student teachers from many different European countries and we are taught in English. A diverse class such as this makes for very interesting discussion in my classes especially ‘Challenges and Perspectives in European Education Systems’.

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