UK Top 10 Universities with the Highest Shared Parental Leave Uptake

Shared Parental leave is a step in the right direction for gender equality in the workplace. While the policy has many challenges, the traditional male as a breadwinner model upon which most institutions operate upon, prevent institutions from encouraging and supporting parents taking shared parental leave. The following Universities are the Top 10 in the UK in terms of the number of shared parental leave uptake. Can they be considered as being more supportive towards the equality agenda? What are these universities doing different to others to be in the top 10? Is your university on the list? Share some thoughts with us in the comment box.

Top 10 Universities with the Highest Number of Shared Parental Leave Uptake
1 University of Cambridge 
2 University of Manchester 
3 King’s College London 
4 London School of Economics and Political Science 
5 Durham University 
6 Lancaster University 
7 University of Nottingham 
8 University of Leicester 
9 Cardiff University 
10 University of Sheffield