Welcome (back) to sociology and criminology at York St. John!

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Welcome everyone to an exciting year here at York St. John. The sociology and criminology faculty are thrilled to be getting this term under way, and to be meeting all of the new students and welcoming back all of the returning familiar faces. We have a bunch of great new faculty members for you to meet this year too. Over the next few weeks we will be introducing you to them on this blog. We’ll be posting their picture and a bit about their research and interests. So keep visiting to get introduced to all of your new favourite lecturers, and to get reintroduced to your old favourites as well.

Also, if you have any questions that you want answered about the department, or faculty that you’d specifically like covered and want to know more about, or if you’d like to help write this blog and post your thoughts about the program please email t.mitman@yorksj.ac.uk and we’ll make sure we we get to whatever it is you’re interested in. Be in touch. We’ve got you covered.

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